We run a range of activities each week throughout the year and we’re always interested to hear from new prospective members.  If you would like to find out more about our group and activities, please contact us initially either by email or telephone.

The Skittles/Boccia group meets on Monday mornings at the United Church in Crowborough.  The game of Boccia comes from a modified bowls game and is played by paralympians.  Players can stand or remain seated to play and thoroughly enjoy these sessions led by Vic and John.

This group meets at Margaret House in Uckfield every Tuesday morning where members enjoy participating in Yoga and Extend (exercise with music) on alternate weeks with our teachers Sara and Ffion.

Art & Craft
An Art & Craft group meets on Wednesday afternoons at the United Church in Crowborough.  Sessions are led by Joy and Margaret who plan and support a variety of activities.  Members can choose to bring along their own work if they wish.

Sue & Laurie lead these highly popular sessions every Thursday, also in Crowborough.  They provide a number of varied song books and members can request their particular favourites for the group to sing together.


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